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Heelo app has been specifically designed to reach your customers anytime and anywhere, helping to increase customer engagement and drive sales.

  • FREE mobile marketing platform
  • Post up to 3 unique deals per month
  • Unlimited deal rotations
  • FAST POST in-app offer management tool
  • Optimized app performance and user interface
  • Reporting
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Why Heelo™?

At Heelo, we apply the best in mobile marketing technologies to create the best advertising platform for local restaurants. Unlock your potential with the best in mobile customer engagement.

Fast Post Offer Management

Our FAST POST in-app offer management tool allow restaurants to post their offers in just two easy steps:

  1. Take a photo or select image file
  2. Provide offer title and description

Restaurant owners can quickly post amazing offers on Heelo without any technical know-how.
We’re making mobile marketing easy and fast for all restaurant owners.

Freemium Plan

When you sign-up, you’ll get our Freemium Plan – a FREE plan with premium features. It provides a no-cost marketing tool to effectively advertise to your mobile audience.

  • Post up to 3 unique deals per month
  • Unlimited deal rotations
  • Basic Reporting

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